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DAY 4 Honing





Huge Bowl? Tiny Banana?

Huge Bowl? Tiny Banana?

Today dealt with a lot of learning.  It took stopping doing what I was doing to see what I was doing.  It would have been easy to power through the whole day and night without acknowledging.  Ways I'm careless with time, areas that need focus, areas that need less focus, habits that get more out of me, and an understanding I almost forgot.  4 lessons, 1 re-realization.  

Lesson 1

Slept in till around 8:40.  Was up till around 4-4:30.  Lesson?  Start blog earlier.  I’ve thought though, working late at night or working early in the morning, either way it's working. If I’m more focused and getting more done at night then I can schedule to wake up later and feel good.  

Lesson 2

Recording and editing voiceover work took over 4.5 hours.  Lesson?  Shorter stories that take Waaaay less time.  Ideally 15 minutes to record + 15 to edit + 15 selecting images and writing blurb.

Lesson 3

Creating a lot, doing a lot.  Good?  I’m creating more than I’m reaching out to make contacts, connections, income and that’s one of the reasons I’m here.  Balance.  Work harder to do what I'm less comfortable with and become more comfortable with it.  Invest.

Lesson 4

I work better to music.  I can get stuff done with podcasts or talks but I’m less focused.


Sometimes I like a little danger.  Part of me enjoys facing that fear and cutting it close.  There's a part that likes that risk.  


☛  Voice Work

Gruelingly finished the second half of Passion in the Desert today.  Voice over work is hard. Slight speech impediments that were never under scrutiny enough to be noticed, make themselves apparent.  I've gone my whole life never knowing 'explanation' was a tough word for me.  And I liked it better that way.  

Passion in the Desert Part II 

by Honore DeBalzac 

Translated by Earnest Dowson.  

Read by Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd

They made a movie of this story.  How does an animal prepare for that?  

They made a movie of this story.  How does an animal prepare for that?  


☛  Cliff's Notes

Buckminster Fuller  

Futuristic philosopher, architect and inventor.  

I'm not sure where to look lately for interesting articles.  Contact me at with recommendations.  I keep spending time wading through material I resonate less with.  I decided to popova to Maria's site Brain Pickings again, because it's a sure shot I'm going to get engaging material.  This site is something to delve into more when time frees up. Tons of articles on artists, writers and generally interesting people.  

"Just Call Me Trim Tab"

A quick read by Maria Popova about

Buckminster Fuller

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.39.18 AM 2.png

In this excerpt from Fuller's 1972 interview with Playboy, the interviewer asks Fuller his opinion on how we can live with “a sense of the individual’s impotence to affect events, to improve or even influence our own welfare, let alone that of society,

Fuller, who served in the Navy in WWII gives a very simple Metaphor:   A huge ship goes by and at the end of this ship is a small rudder; on the edge of that rudder is an even smaller rudder called a trim tab.  The trim tab takes almost no effort to move but by moving it builds pressure and pulls the rudder as well as the whole ship around.  Fuller used this metaphor when reflecting on what one man could do.

“If you’re doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go."

Fuller believes in the big effect of small changes and continues to say that when we start getting rid of nonsense and anything that isn’t true we start to become like a trim tab.  

“Suddenly things begin to work in a beautiful way. Of course, they happen only when you’re dealing with really great integrity.”

"4D" Color Drawing of Fuller's 

"4D" Color Drawing of Fuller's 

"A couple changes here and there.  Start journaling, take a walk, get some exercise.”  Frustrating to hear if you want bigger change.  This year someone told me that to radically change what I was doing... I had to radically change what I was doing.  Maybe there's a time for both.  A time for little changes and times to change everything.  

For the full, almost 20 page Buckminster Fuller interview, click below☟  


☛   Nature Sightings

Today was stormy throughout.  At the ledge the waves they were rolling.  Tough enough that 400 feet out was a break with a barrel.  Surfable for someone.  From ocean floor where the waves sucked up to the crest they were steady 10's.  Big one's looked around 13'-15'.  Powerful scary and fun from a low overhang 20' away.

When a wave's steepness reaches a 1:7 ratio of height to length, the wave breaks, forming open ocean breakers or 'whitecaps'.  

The woods are thick and heavy in the rain, quiet.  Animals are tucked down keeping dry and riding it out.  Even the red squirrels let me alone.  Ran into a local who's wife I met the other night walking their wildly happy dog.  He said they were kayaking around the island 18 years ago, decided to move here and have been here since.  Their house overlooks the water.  Curious what real estate is like here.  


This gets me to the ledge in under 5 minutes.

 And it feels like flying going downhill.



☛  Poetry


Counterpane Revisited


Deep in your bed

Down in the covers

Curled in a cozy hollow



White sailed ships cut across the cotton sea

Leviathans bulge from beneath the wrestling waves

An albatross caries fortunes of God on it's wings

All is right

In wars 

In triumph

In love

In endless possibility

In the land of Counterpane


Room.  The couch and work area aren't shown.  There's three other bedrooms and the whole rest of a house to work in but this has been the place for the past four days.  And a good one to be in after watching the waves in the rain.  

☛  What Did I Do Today

-Morning Ritual

-Recorded Part II of Passion in the Desert by Balzac

-Wrote and recorded for CliffLight

-Wrote and recorded for myself

-Planning session for CliffLight

-Texted with Carrie

-Went to the waves and watched - Remembered enjoying being a little scared

-Took some photographs

-Edited photos

-Posted to Instagram

-Worked on Website

-Read article on Buckminster Fuller

-Wrote Blog Post

-Read/ Listened to Inspiring Nature

The wind is strong and steady tonight, tearing down the clinging leaves.  Windows open, it's loud enough to drown out the ocean.  2:43AM.  Dreamtime.