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DAY 3 Living


Water Day 3

Water Day 3

Went to sleep around 3AM last night so I slept in to 7:42AM. Sunrise, the sky was completely uniform orange against the sea.  Got right downstairs to warm up some coffee and look up a book online while I ate a concoction of oatmeal from yesterday.  

While at Berklee, a teacher of a creative writing class, Joseph Coroniti, gave me some encouragement to do something with writing.  He also gave me a three inch thick book titled The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, Third Edition.  There's a story in this book that's stayed with me and every so often it resurfaces in my thoughts. 

Here's a sample of Joseph Coroniti's work that I found online.


☛  Voice Work


Passion in the Desert Part 1 by Honore De Balzac,

Translated by Earnest Dowson, read by Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd

A french soldier is separated from his troop in the Egyptian desert during the reign of Napoleon.  The young provencal as he's called, finds a cave to shelter in and is jolted awake during the night by a nauseating and terrifying sound. Something large is in the cave as well and it's only a few feet away form him.  


☛  Nature Sightings

-I saw one of these for the first time today, a Bushy Tailed Wood-Rat.  Cute and didn't look like a rat.  Grayer and whiter then the one in this picture, it hopped on it's hind legs like a kangaroo.  I noticed a Bluejay kept trailing it, flying close and following but I was near enough for the jay to be apprehensive.  As the bushy tail came out from under the shed, the jay swooped down.  I caught up with hopper and the jay flew to a low branch and watched as I walked across the lawn with the bushy till he was under the house.  Did some research and bluejays are omnivorous and known to eat insects, small birds, frogs and rodents along with vegetation.  Another surprising omnivore is the chipmunk which have been known to kill mice and eat only their brains, leaving the rest untouched.  They also eat frogs.  

-Came upon a deer today biking and scared it.  Since I was moving at a decent clip, the deer took off and I was able to match it's speed, tracking its outline between the trees.  Without obstacles I passed it as it sprang onto a driveway, hooves clacking on the asphalt.  Fawns are born almost entirely scent free.  This is a survival mechanism because they are completely defenseless.  With little to no scent and by laying still, predators have a hard time finding them.  The mom doe even consumes the fawns urine and droppings to help keep them as scent free as they can.  

-Red squirrels are alternately scared and brazen.. Pissed.  These guys are good swimmers believe it or not.  

☛  Notes

Numerous times throughout the day there's been the feeling of a small mind in a body with slow reflexes.  As if there's a layer between the action or interaction and the reaction.  At times it feels like things are taking too long and could stand to speed up and stay more present.  It's like stimuli aren't going directly into me and existing, there's a processing speed and it feels delayed.  At times it feels like this delayed response obstructs function, mental and emotional.  Slowness that compounds into numbness.      

Thought about the concept of "home" today.  

These two found good homes:  ☟

Pine Comb Home Day 3

Pine Comb Home Day 3

Thinking about what home is, I came across this pine cone in a tree.  The pine cone came from a tree and has gone back to one.  I'd be interested to know what different people might consider their trees to be.  

Rock and Flower Day 3

Rock and Flower Day 3

Rock loves the little flower


☛  Poetry


All at Once

There’s a space around my heart

The same around my head

That takes an extra second to be here

My eyes like to watch the water and the wind

The trees

It’s easy for me 

To be there

Sometimes it’s hard to come back

To focus on your words

And your face

To understand

Deeply understand

Your message

By the ocean I stand 

For hours

Forget to sit

Looking out

Hearing songs


As the sun slips

Like a piece of my heart 

Fallen off 

All it contained spills out

Into my blood and belly 

And for a moment I am here

All we are is the most precious 

The love is the deepest

The pain is the missing

Of possibility 

And connection


And the tether of humanity

Which part of me hurts for

Like home.

Mininsula Day 3

Mininsula Day 3

Helpful Note #2 

Be Natural by continuing to understand and hone who you are.


☛  Cliff's Notes

Todays article was on self acceptance.  I tried in vain to find an article on self acceptance and art/ artists.  

I eventually landed on an article which seemed like it would carry over well from yesterday's article on Thich Nhat Hanh.  

By Danielle Cavalluci

By Danielle Cavalluci

It was interesting how Danielle suggested to look at the parts of yourself you don’t like and thank them for getting you around everyday.  I usually focus one the parts I do like but this is a different approach.  

I also understood how she mentioned loving your body as it is, to nourish and exercise both body and soul.  It makes sense to love your body first.  The more you love it the more you’ll likely be inclined to care for it and nurture it to be its best.

To read more from Danielle, click on her picture.  

Water, Day 3

Water, Day 3


☛  What Did I Do Today

-Morning Ritual

-Recorded Pt. 1 of Passion in the Desert by Honore De Balzac

-Edited Passion in the Desert

-Wrote and recorded music

-Researched how to make income from voiceover work

-Joined  a voiceover site called ''

-Biked down to the ocean through the woods

-Scared a deer and some red squirrels

-Took photographs and enjoyed being outside

-Lunch - Only saw Chippee at the end, heard him a lot.  Saw a bushy tailed wood-rat

-Wrote second Helpful Note

-Posted to Instagram

-Edited photos

-Did a mess of pullups

-Posted to Blog

-Wrote poetry

-Read an article on self acceptance and took notes

-Read an inspiring nature article

-Listened to some TED talks that felt poignant and relevant

-Worked on website for a couple hours

-Blog kept glitching, redo, redo, 2:57AM. 

Sunset Day 3

Sunset Day 3