Follow daily progress on a 30 day personal challenge to stretch out of my comfort zone and cultivate creative passion into a sustainable life.  

Day 1 Opening


DAY 1 Photo

DAY 1 Photo


30 days alone in a four bedroom house overlooking the breathtaking Maine coast.  At the end of 30 days begins a transition from the east coast to live and work with the band CliffLight in California.  Life is changing fast from the known to the complete unknown and it's an opportunity to start new chapters, seek adventure and figure out what life is about. 

Over 30 days I'll challenge myself to grow past my comfort zone and to jump start my creative passions to help pave my path and pay my way.  Writing and recording music, writing poetry and short stories, taking photographs, recording voiceover work, keeping up with a daily blog, creating a website and finding a way to get paid for all of it…  To start.  Basically, bust my ass, appreciate what's in front of me, and see what comes from it.         

This blog is a way to keep track of the adventure and the progress made during it.  It's also a first step in putting this creative work out there in a bigger, more professional way then ever before. Additionally, I hope to find some like minded and like hearted kinfolk along the way and hear how about how their journeys have unfolded.  

* Bare with me, the first blog is always messy.


☛ Last night, good friend Hoyin Au ( asked if he could show a photo of mine from the day to a friend who might want to PURCHASE postcards of it.  Income for creativity on day one?

☛Voiceover recording took longer than expected but got it done.  Up the Slide by Jack London. Waiting to hear back from Blair on volume automation.  

Up the Slide by Jack London, read by Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd

Sarah the Realtor stopped by, I like her a lot.  She seems fun, easy going and genuinely helpful.  She mentioned that there’s some neat people in the neighborhood and some tough locals as well.  She’s friends with a painter who lives and works in a cool studio down the street.  Sarah also mentioned that “Goose- something” restaurant is still open and if I wanted to, we should all get together and grab a drink sometime.  Also if I liked, she’d call me when she was having dinner parties.  That’s cool.  Simultaneously nervous for the social pressure and happy an opportunity presented itself without me hunting it down or not finding one.  Last night’s sunset was insane and this rocky coast studded with dark pines is a fantasy land-amazing.  After finding that trail through the woods to the ocean, I know this is where I'm supposed to be right now.  If I can get around to some more places, I will.  So far, sooo good.  

Rented a bike.  It's Red & ready.  

First Helpful Note:  Disparage No One, Love Everyone


Read an article today on self reliance (One of the focus topics) or more specifically Ralph Waldo Emerson and his effect on our mindset.  The Foul Reign of Emerson’s ‘Self-Reliance’ by Tom gauld of the New York Times.  

Here's a link:  

The Foul Reign of Emerson’s ‘Self-Reliance’

By Tom Gauld


'Cliff's Notes' on the article:

It's interesting with how much passion the author seemed to dislike Emerson.  Usually when I find someone feels angry or passionately pissed off, a small flag is raised in my head and I take a step back.  Wouldn’t anyone be angry if they felt something wrong or poorly guided was at hand?  I’m certainly mad when I feel someone’s behavior hurts me or affects my environment negatively.  A long time ago I had this feeling that anger isn't a base emotion, that it comes from hurt of some kind.  With that mindset, anger would be a sidestep from the real issue.  

Maybe it’s this part of me that I feel like comes from a deeper place, that encourages me to find a way to try to love, understand or feel that in the beginning, the end, or in totality, we’re of the same stuff.  Maybe it’s because when I feel myself heating up emotionally and bringing it to those around me I don’t feel as true or positive as I’d imagined I would.  I don’t feel as legitimately impassioned as I do when working through something from a place of love or understanding.    

                             Ralph Waldo Emerson by Danielle Cromwellie

                             Ralph Waldo Emerson by Danielle Cromwellie

Started rough draft of 1st poetry submission

The contest below is open to anyone who hasn't yet published a book.  It's free to submit and there's cash prizes.  Click Two Sylvias Press and go for it!  Submissions received between 10/22/15–11/02/15.

Well... Super rough.  But a start.  


Lyrics for Today:

Nothin’s goin' stop us

Ask if they can drop us off


Say we’ll see a movie

Sneak back where the guardrail falls


It’s good of you to mention

I could use a lesson in soft


Oh, don’t get to know me 

Maybe you just hold me that’s all


Let me dig deep into you

In a broke down sorta place


Let the headlights on your body

Let the naked make your face


Poetry for Today

There in your crimson

Tied to the tide 

You sway

Swoon over yourself

Like a sea bird 

Cutting the air

Catching your own reflection


Doubling over 

Photo Day 1

Photo Day 1

Thick as marble

Your layers

Laid against the rocks

Orange trails traipsing the sky

On fire

For you


Nature Sightings Today

2 White Tailed Deer within 20 feet

Lunch with a Chipmunk

2 Red Squirrels

Countless Mosquitos

Sea Birds:  Cormorant, Sea Gull, Other

Land Birds: Sparrows, Blue Jay, Other


What Did I Do Today?

-Morning Ritual

-Setup recording station 

-Read and Recorded Up the Slide by Jack London

-Read an article on self reliance and made notes of what I found most interesting

-Met with Sarah the real estate agent

-Wrote and recorded music for two hours

-Read inspiring nature article

-Researched how to make income with my writing/ Searched submission orgs

-Drafted a poetry submission with bio and three paragraphs on if I’m selected

-Went outside to the ocean to take pictures and be near the sea

-Spoke with my Dad

-Worked on my website for hours 

-Setup Christmas lights

-Wrote first Helpful Note

-Pushed hard to get this first blog post in on Day 1

Summary:  Day 1

Great day.  Ready for tomorrow.  Now, Bed.