Follow daily progress on a 30 day personal challenge to stretch out of my comfort zone and cultivate creative passion into a sustainable life.  

DAY 9 Release


Morning Ritual.  Voice Work.  Blog Work.  Photography research.  


Decision, limit blog, 2-3 posts per week.  

It’s fun but also time consuming and ironically encumbering the goal it was created to track. Time I spend on the blog can be directed towards creating and reaching out.  

I wanted to blog every day but it was a secondary goal.  Tried to cut down the time allotted for it each day but...  If I get interested in something there's the desire to pursue it and nail it down. Now that the initial disappointment of ceasing daily posts is passing, I'm excited to spend more time in other areas.  And be able to enjoy posting more when I do. 


☛Voice Work/ Cliff's Notes

Pablo Neruda, If You Forget Me 


Reading about Pablo Neruda, or Ricardo Eliecer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto as he was born.  I’ve heard and read some of his poetry throughout my life but I know nothing about him.  

Whenever I think of Pablo Neruda I think of a quote someone told me or that I read years ago. The quote goes roughly “I always live by the sea, because I am always learning from it.”  This always made sense to me, and does increasingly the more time I spend by the sea.   

There’s controversy surrounding his death and his body was exhumed in 2013.  Investigations found nothing unusual but in January 2015 the Chilean government reopened the investigation with new forensic testing and an unusual bacteria was found in his bones.  Neruda’s driver claims that shortly before his death, Neruda stated he had visited a clinic where a doctor injected him with something that made him sick.  



☛Nature Sightings


Changed the schedule to get down to the water earlier to catch more light.  Worth it.  A lot of shots I’m looking for are far easier to capture in bright sun.  

Unusual bird sounds throughout the day, like something was in the air.  Got to the rocks and headed down by the water.  Timed it to show up right after high tide so that the waves are big but receding.  When I’m close to them it’s easier when I know they’ll be diminishing in impact, overall.  Still got completely soaked within the first minute by an atypically large wave.  


Worked my way around the surf for a couple of hours.  It’s always an adventure.  I look out at the water and see how it’s moving, see if I can find any spots that catch my eye where something extra beautiful is happening.  The discovery of that is rewarding and if you capture it well, doubly so.

The ocean is mysterious in the way it moves.  It’s not straight forward all the time like one might think.  It doesn’t break the same way, or in the same place for every wave.  It’s a great example of interconnectivity.  The water is reacting to itself, different areas of force, different mass it comes in contact with, wind, gravity.  All of these impact it and slightly alter the course it takes.  


Sitting there I realized certain noises are beginning to sound familiar.  It’s not a regular rhythm you could count time to, it’s more abstract but something’s there.  More of a patterning or language than a rhythm.  ...This sound means this and will likely lead to that happening which sounds like…  My favorite noise is the eerie quiet.  The beginning of all the water sucking out because something big is coming in.  




Shiny Black Fire Escape

Walking beside me I noticed she had 

A habit of biting her lip

Looking down then 


At a passing car 

Or reflection 

When she spoke

About anything 

That wasn't nothing

At her place she put on a kettle 

Took her shoes off 

Cleared some junk

From the bed

And went away

So I sat

Looked around

At her life

The mornings and nights



Quiet noises from the kitchen

She returned

Handed me a tin mug 

Steam coming off it

And got in the bed 

Pulled her knees up 

The covers over her feet

Sitting against the wall

Hands around her tea

Heat rising 

Against her face

I stood up 

Placed the mug on the bureau

Took off my jacket



Damp from the rain

White t-shirt

Pushed my hair away

Picked up the mug and 

Got in bed

Next to her

She pulled some covers

Over my feet 

Looked down 

Then at the walls 


We sat there 

And watched her room

Drinking tea

While the rain tripped down

The shiny black fire escape




☛What Did I Do Today

-Morning Ritual

-Had Voiceover work recorded

-Wrote out schedule

-Researched Writing competitions 

-Edited short story

-Transferred photos and documents from old computer

-Emailed back someone who contacted me through blog

-5 minutes visualization for CliffLight

-Went to the ocean

-Took photographs

-Finished reading article on Pablo Neruda

-Worked on blog

-Edited photos



-Read Georgetown book