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DAY 6 The Kid

Light Chaser, by Hoyin Au

Light Chaser, by Hoyin Au

Woke up and put the coffee on, did the Morning Ritual, cooked some oatmeal, sat down to work.  

Having Hoyin here yesterday, for good reason I wasn’t able to focus singularly on work so I was a little behind.  I spent till 3:30PM getting caught up on work and by then it was time to take a break, catch the last of the sun and have fun.  We drove a few miles down to Reid State Park, exactly what we needed.  Beautiful, sun, amazing views, lagoon, massive endless beach, crashing waves, rocks and tide pools.  Perfect.  Got our cameras and dug in.  Soon the waves were coming up and I needed more.  Close as you can.  I know I’ll likely be soaked every day, it’s a matter of when.  I dodge the waves and the water as long as I can but once I do get wet, forget staying dry. I'm in jeans, sneakers and water up to my knees, wave crashing around me.  My iPhones telling me this cable isn’t authorized for the phone, there is no cable in the phone and I have some cool pictures and a huge smile.  

☛Voiceover Work and Cliff's Notes

I combined these today.  It took a lot of articles to get to the Voiceover selection and time is short.


                                  Einstein on Love                             

  & His Letter to Roosevelt About the Bomb  

With many things, we start searching for an answer and find three more questions.

I wanted to know Einstein’s thoughts on love and if any were published.  Einstein has always struck me as a man in the minority of intellectual public figures with a large capacity and openness for spirituality.

Instantly results popped up.  Einstein had penned thousands of letters to people over the years, many love letters and one highly touted letter to his daughter.  

I read the letter and found exactly what I’d hoped for.  Einstein explains to his daughter that for his whole life he’s been working on something so powerful that the world hasn’t been ready for it.  He warns her not to release his letters for as long as it takes, until the world is ready.  

What’s the secret Einstein was working on his whole life?  What wasn’t the world ready for or capable of handling yet?  Does he tell her?  Yes.  It’s the Discovery of the single most powerful force that governs all other forces in the universe, Love.  

One of the most brilliant minds we’ve known potentially discovered proof of something many have felt inside.  Even if it is only a father’s letter to his daughter, an attempt to inspire her outlook, it's a sweet sentiment from the man genius.  The thing about it for me.. It's fake. There’s no existing documentation to support any origin or record of the letter and Einstein expert’s agree it’s almost positively fraud.  


There isn’t time to go into detail but I still wanted some words on Einstein and love.  What I came across was hand penned images of letters.  I wanted more than a love letter and half of these were in his native tongue.  I wanted something that was authentic.  What I found was a letter Einstein wrote to President Roosevelt in 1939 concerning the construction of “the Bomb”. The letter is eerie, intense and feels like the spark in an ignition that changed the world.  

Reading more of Einstein’s thoughts after the bomb was created, there’s a balancing act.  At times he says the letter to Roosevelt was a mistake.  Other times he states how important it was for the US to master the technology before Germany.  At times he seems to shrug off his role as minor.  From the bits I’ve read on a big topic, it feels like Einstein struggled internally over it, and the world calling him the father of the atomic bomb perpetuated that struggle.  Maybe that’s just what I’m looking for.    

☛Nature Sightings

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart.  

Paint by Numbers, by Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd

Paint by Numbers, by Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd

It feels like being a kid.  It is like being a kid.  There’s the world, smashing green waves, islands in the mist, beaches that stretch forever lit up like a glass floor in the sun.  You’re timing the waves, timing yourself, jumping out last second.  Getting soaked, capturing physics, hanging out with friends and ridiculously glorious nature.  The sun gets low, the huge rocks are burning coals, the sky explodes in fiery rainbow.  Butter soft pinks and violets roll in and everything is dream no matter how hard you blink.  

Cliff, by  Hoyin Au

Cliff, by Hoyin Au

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On the Rocks


Biding time

Perched tentatively over engagements

Sacred focus defused 

Look pensive

Attempt deep thought

Exaggerate expressions and

Act as though with time alone 

You’ll arrive at the solution


Shake hands

Look in the eyes


Wait till the car pulls up the hill

One more second in case it turns around



Force your hands into the jacket sleeves

Feverishly to hear the stitching 

Rip and pop


The boots so fast 

Burn your fingers and heels

Hat off the hook on the head

Swing the door



Jut back

Grab the apple 

Slam the door 

Scrape the gravel

Down the hill

Lean back

Brace the knees

Smell it now

See it now

Blue Obsidian 

Dotted speckled

Boats and birds

At the stairway

Smooth the railing

Down into the sand

Across it now

Faster now

Hands on the rock

Feet on the rock 

Up the rock

Brace the knees

Over the edge

Slow down 

Slow down 




The Sun

It Sets

Hoyin and Cliff, Photo by  Hoyin Au

Hoyin and Cliff, Photo by Hoyin Au

☛What Did I Do Today?

-Morning Ritual

-Worked on catch up and damage control for site and blog

-Went to Reid State Park, Maine with Hoyin

-Had a fn blast, shot some photos

-Got Wet

-Came home and worked on Website

-Edited Pictures

-Wrote Poetry

-Read an article on botany


-Went to bed