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DAY 5 Balance


Today's going to be short and sweet.  I've written this post twice and lost it.  It might not be as thoughtful or as eloquent as I'd like but, last shot.  

Got up late this morning, out of bed by 9:04.  Eyes are tired and my head is fatigued.  Asleep again around 3:30 and not eating much besides breakfast each day.  A few days in a row of this are starting to take toll on my body.  I get involved with what I’m working on and eating becomes secondary.  With so much I want to do during such a short day and such a short month, it’s hard to take the time to do it.  I’m realizing if I take the time to care for my body more, the time I spend doing other activities will be better and more efficient.  

Hoyin came up to visit today from Boston.  We went to my favorite spot nature and both got lost in our own worlds taking photos for the better part of three hours.  It's amazing when you can spend time with someone and still feel that togetherness while doing your separate thing. 

☛ Voiceover Work

Voiceover was much more enjoyable today and the amount of time I spent recording was closer to how long I want to spend.  The material was a short story I wrote earlier this Summer called The Five Little Toes.  It was nice to read something of my own.  Writing children's books has always been in the back of my head as something I want to do.  When I took a week vacation this Summer and wrote a story everyday, a lot of what came out were children's stories.

The night I wrote The Five Little Toes, we got back to the cabin late and I just wanted to bang something out and be done.  It's easy for me to start stories, I just go and they begin to take shape.   The more challenging part is finishing them or finding a way to tie everything together and close it.  Even that makes my head work in different ways that I like.  

The Five Little Toes

A Short Story

Written and Read by Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd

                                              Photo by  Brad

                                              Photo by Brad


Todays article was actually an obituary for Donald Bell.   You don't know who Donald Bell is?  Neither did I. Key wording self reliance he came up.  The 70's glasses, normal guy haircut and relatively commonplace features of Donald drew me in.  I'm always intrigued by the "normal".  By the lives that unravel mostly unnoticed.  By the idea that they can be everything to someone or to a moment and nothing to almost everyone and everything else.  This is a guy that looks as regular as most of us.  He'd fit in at any supermarket, crowded NY street or fair in America.  If you unfocused your eyes you might miss him totally. To the few that knew him, he was little less than a hero.  

Just counting people, there's billions of us seeing life from a 1st person perspective.  Each of us the protagonist in a epic usually centered around us.  It's like an interesting concept for science fiction writing. So who was Donald?  He delivered two babies at his house unexpectedly and didn't break a sweat.  He laid pipe for a living.  He knew how to stitch up a girl's head when she was hit with a rock while camping. He looks as unexceptionally average as most of us.  He was true and honest with his family. Take your pick.  Donald is everywhere.         


☛ Nature Sightings

The tide was low today.   All different types of seaweed and sea growth were exposed.  Anemone like plants reached out, pink and white in the quiet pools.  Large prehistoric looking crabs in sandy rouge crept over the rocks as tiny shrimp squirmed and leapt when their seaweed groves were disturbed.  Mussels packed tightly against each other covered the rocks in blue black razor armor.  The barnacles had the same close formation and thousands of snails dotted what clear spots of rock were left.

When we finished spending time and photographing, it was cold and the sky was a fading spectrum of color. It hadn't felt like three hours, the time slipped by.  Walking back through the pines the woods were quiet, our hands were numb.  It felt good to be there.


☛ Poetry




The jolt of lightening impulse

From one point

To another


On the solidness of a cell


Then off

Dashing leap

The cleft between

locks elbows

Catching it

Energy displaced

Breaking and flying from it

Reactions exploding around it

Channels open 

New impulses are lit and



Human nerve impulses move rapidly but are slow when compared with the speed of light, or even sound. The speed of nerve impulses top out around 119 meters per second, roughly 390 feet per second or 265 MPH. Light travels around 6.706e+8 MPH or 186,000 miles per second.  If you enter a cook time of 1 second on a microwave and hit start, by the time you hear the beep, light would have flown around  our equator 7.5 times. What would it be like if our nerve impulses traveled at the speed of light.  Would we even have a solid physical form?  


Top Speeds:


Human Nerve Impulses     265MPH

Sound                               767MPH

Manned Plane                 2193MPH     

Unmanned Plane             7000MPH    (Mach 9.8. = 9.8 X the speed of sound)

Light                        6.706e+8 MPH    (Fast enough to have an e.)     



☛ Notes/ Progress


I like doing everything every day.  Writing, reading, writing and recording music, recording and editing vocal work, taking photos, editing photos, posting photos, working on the website, blogging, spending solid time in nature, researching financial opportunities and going after them.

Doing all of it keeps the day interesting and moving forward.  I'm managing  well but certain areas aren't getting the attention and focus they need to move forward at the rate I want.  I'm rolling the idea around of changing my schedule this week and focusing on one area + minor every day work instead of everything ever day.  


☛ What Did I Do Today

-Morning Ritual

-Read and recorded The Five Little Toes story 

-Read an article on self reliance

-Wrote poetry

-Went to the cliffs with Hoyin and took photos

-Built a fire and made dinner with Hoyin

-Discussed some financial directions

-Figured out I might need to move the blog to a different more capable website

-Tried to work out a few website kinks.

-Fell asleep writing for the blog