The Ingredients

Some are born knowing exactly what to do with their lives and others spend their lives figuring it out.  Those whose path is unclear early on, often experience overwhelming fear in tandem with the acknowledgement of great freedom.  When speaking with Family and Friends in an effort to find clarity in a career path, the most common response was a question.  "What do you love?"  Photography, writing, music and having the ability to pursue my passions.  "Well, start with that."  

Approaching college I knew I wanted to pursue an artistic career, visual art, literary or music I wasn't sure.  I recorded a 10 song demo with a red 8 track recorder and sent it to Berklee College of Music.  When accepted, the choice was made; music.  For a decade I've been a musician, playing shows, recording in studios, collaborating with talented musicians and channeling my creativity into songs.  Although it's rewarding, there's still a call from some wild place:   What about visual art, nature, animals, activism, writing?  

The time has arrived to shine light on aspects of my life I've left in the dark.  To extend reach in unfamiliar ways and explore more of what the universe has to offer.  And to see what I can offer it.